Whether you just gotta celebrate, or you just gotta drown your sorrows, Tecate is there for you.


Two-sided coasters bring up the good and the bad reasons we hit the bar, reminding you that Tecate’s got your back. 



Internet research, online quizzes and listicles confirm our highest hopes and deepest fears.

These content-aware digital ads remind you that whatever you’re going through is a good enough reason to grab a Tecate.


These yet-to-be shot commercials are going to be pretty slick. Trust us.

Tecate  |  “Roller Coaster Of Emotions – Job Interview”  |  :30 TV

Open on an employee who’s sitting at table in an office. He sits across from his boss. The mariachi’s are sitting next to the employee.

Cut to the boss.

Boss:           The numbers from your last quarter are in, Tim. And I gotta say, these are pretty impressive.

Cut to Tim and the Mariachis. Tim’s face stays calm, and the mariachi’s play excitedly!

Cut back to the boss.

Boss:             (More serious) Not as impressive as Ryan’s, mind you. That guy can do anything. 

Cut to Tim and the Mariachis. Tim’s face betrays a little emotion, and the mariachis sing passionately, with some anger.

Cut back to boss.

Boss:             (Face brightens) Ryan aside though, your numbers are really something to be proud of. Have a 20% raise.

Cut back to Tim and the Mariachis. Tim smiles, and the Mariachis play joyfully.

SUPER:         Whatever this is, this calls for Tecate. 

Tecate  |  “Roller Coaster Of Emotions – Moving Home”  |  :30 TV

Open on a guy who’s FaceTiming with his mom and dad. The mariachis stand in the background of the parents.

Cut to the son onscreen.

Son:              Mom and dad, I just wrapped up my post-grad degree, and I decided to leave the big city and move back home.

Cut the parents. They share a happy smile. The mariachi’s play joyfully.

Mom:             That’s wonderful!

Cut to the son.

Son:               To live with you guys!

Cut back to the parents. They share worried faces. The mariachi’s play sadly. 

Mom:             Well, I’m not sure we have the space—

Cut to the son.

Son:              I’ll be working and paying rent!

Cut the parents. They look a little relieved. The mariachi’s play, somewhat happily.

Dad:               Well, that would help— 

Cut to the son. 

Son:               I’ll also be bringing my girlfriend.

Girlfriends VO:        HIII-IIII

Cut back to the parents. They look sad again. The mariachi’s play another sad tune.  

SUPER:         Whatever this is, this calls for Tecate. 

Tecate  |  “Roller Coaster Of Emotions – Pizza”  |  :30 TV

Open on a living room with two roommates. They’re playing videogames on the couch. Two mariachi players sit next to them on the couch. It’s a little crowded.

Roommate 1:            [To the other roommate] Are you gonna give that girl a call?

Cut to the guy. He stands up and pulls out his phone. The mariachi’s follow excitedly. They play a happy tune.

Roommate 2:               Yeah! 

He dials the number and puts the phone to his ear. The voice on the other line picks up.  

Phone VO:    Johnny’s Pizza, can I take your order?

Roommate 2:               [His smile becomes a frown] This isn’t Kelly?

Cut to the mariachis. They play a sad tune.

Phone VO:    Nope, not Kelly. But would you be interested in our Lonely Man’s special? It’s a 20-inch pizza for $4.99

Cut to the Mariachi’s. They play a happy tune.

Cut to the guy.

Roommate 2:              (to the phone) Yeah, I’ll have two.  

SUPER:         Whatever this is, this calls for Tecate.