Today’s family has an average of two dozen screens under one roof. TVs, tablets, phones and laptops make it easy to fall into a digital rabbit hole during dinnertime.

In order to keep this hour screen-free, Olive Garden is revoking your family’s tech privileges.

You’ll thank them when you’re older.


Family is everything.

And if you’re not careful, you’ll miss out on everything.

You’ll miss hearing your daughter’s laugh and noticing how it sounds just like grandma’s.

Or to letting your son know that you were bad at math, too.

Put down your phone, your tablet, or whatever screen you stare at all day, because your gadgets don’t care how many times a day you pick it up.

But your family does.

And you care.

Because it’s people who love you back. Not screens.

Family is everything. So when you’re here, act like it.

Time-out boxes for phones go on top of dinner tables at Olive Garden. Clock some quality time with your family and get free dessert.

We’ll spread the word on social media and to Olive Garden’s 6.6 million followers on Facebook.

When dinner’s over and the phones come out, customers take a family photo and upload the pic to a code that converts their picture into a coupon for 10% off their next meal.

1. Snap the pic.     2. Send to the code: OLIVE (65483).     3. Your photo becomes a 10% coupon that you can also share online.

When families share their Photo Coupon online in their Facebook feed, their followers will learn about the perks of a night out at Olive Garden.