Why would anyone ever want to go to Canada? 

Because it's secretly the coolest, wildest, raunchiest, action-packed country on the whole North American continent. 


Canadian travel posters will be posted in airport bars, where travelers can consider taking their next vacation.


Meet some edgy locals.

Postcards that make you look twice.

More commercials to come soon!

Canadian Tourism  |  “THE SUBVERSIVE CANADIAN - SNACKSMAN”  |  :30 TV

Open on a seated dorky, large looking gentleman, being interviewed.

Chris:           My name is Chris Dobson, and my family has been in Montreal for three generations.

Super: Chris Dobson, Canadian

Chris:            So I’m a driver’s ed teacher. It’s good work, and I get a real sense of pride.

Cut to footage of Chris in a park, wearing an orange reflective vest.

Chris VO:      But my real passion is volunteering. On the weekends, I’m a volunteer Park Snacksmen.

As the VO continues, we see footage of Chris offering snacks to people lounging in the park. He offers crackers, or a baggie of grapes, or a plate of poutin.

Chris VO:      Drinking in public isn’t exactly legal here in Montreal. But according to our picnic laws, you can drink in the designated picnic areas, as long as you’ve got some kind of snack.

Cut back to footage of Chris in the interview chair.

Chris:            It’s just one of the ways I can give back to the community, you know.   

SUPER:         Canada? 

Chris VO:      Sometimes I put the snack right in the beer can. (Awkward laugh) 

SUPER:         Yep, Canada.

Chris VO:      [Cont’d] Guess I’m a hacksman AND a snacksman!

Canadian Tourism  |  “THE SUBVERSIVE CANADIAN - 3”  |  :30 TV

Open on a sleepy looking fellow, sitting for his interview.

Chaz:            Is it rolling? Hi, I’m Chaz Cochran, and I’ve been a neck pillow tester in British Columbia for, oh, about ten years now.

Cut to footage of Chaz pulling out a photo album as his VO continues.

Chaz VO:     It’s been a wild ride. They send me out to tons of places all across the country. Quality control calls for pushing these pillows to the limits—

Chaz points to various pictures of him asleep with a neck pillow as he names off different extreme sports. He’s dead asleep in all these pictures (which will definitely need to be photoshopped)

Chaz VO:      Heli-skiing, kite boarding, base jumping, skijoring (that’s like waterskiing but instead of a boat and water your being pulled by a dog or a horse across snow)

Cut back to Chaz in the interview.

Chaz:             I’m sure it’d be a rewarding career if I could remember any of it.

SUPER:         Canada?

Chaz:             [Cont’d] Oh, it’s 10:30. Time to hit the slopes and get back to work.  

SUPER:         Yep, Canada.

Chaz puts on a neck pillow, adjusts, and gets out of chair. 

AD: Lucy Dabney